SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy

Genesys gl841/gl842

Scripts to analyse logs from sniffusb 1.8  or sniffusb 2.0(XP/Vista only):

  • stage 1 Decodes a log into a somewhat c-style format
  • collect Merges register set and register read/write into one "call"

Both scripts read input from stdin and write their output to stdout. The stage 1 script is used with the raw log from usbsnoop. Then you need to clean the output from any "unknown"-lines. This is best done with grep. This new output can then be processed by the collect script.

Canon LiDE 35

UsbSnoop Log of calibration. Just for reference.

My current backend version is in sane cvsgit now.

Some clarifications of genesys' documentation

You can find more information about the genesys backend